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April 13, 2017 CHALLENGE

Grab your crowns and sashes YOU are going on TOUR!!! or just sashes. if you don't have yet do this one anyway. ( We know who is waiting no need to post here) Show us Easter in Your HOMETOWN...whether Easter decor, your trip to see the Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunts...What does Easter in your Town Look Like!!! Challenge Pics DUE Sunday April 16th 2017 by 6pm Please wait until Sunday to get them to us so we can post all of them at the same posting... #WorldsMissTourismEaster #WorldsMissTourismPageant

April 5th, 2017 CHALLENGE

Grab your Tourism Crowns and Sashes or just sashes YOU are going on Tour. Talk to people about The Tourism Pageant and what it does. Tell them how they can enter this is what International Pageant Day is about celebrate your pageant....
"Saturday, April 8, is International Pageant Day. Pageant Planet wants all titleholders, young and old, to wear their sash in support of the the day. When someone asks you why you are wearing your sash, tell them it is in honor of the holiday. Then, if they qualify, encourage them to compete in The World's Miss Tourism Pageant system or if they don't meet our requirements, then tell them to go to Pageant Planet's Directory to find a pageant they qualify for.
Also, on Saturday, upload a photo of yourself in your sash to social media using #InternationalPageantDay! #TourismPageant"
Tourism Family Should be stylish, hair and make-up done (make-up rules apply) Please dress like a Queen/Princess it is International Pageant Day for goodness sake...
Together let's use #InternationalPageantDay to share photos and celebrate pageantry!
Steven Roddy
Founder of Pageant Planet


The 2017 World's Miss Tourism Pageant is being held July 28, 29 and 30th 2017. As of May 1st, 2017 no new delegates will be able to enter to attend the 2017 World Finals Pageant. 

But since we will be celebrating our 20th year all State Title holders attending our 2018 pageant will be receiving  A celebration RED State Crown...Ambassadors not attending finals will receive  our standard silver crown...2018 titles will not be mailed until August 14th 2017. If you are in a state holding a state preliminary pageant, you may not enter at large prior to that state pageant. At Large Titles in states with no state pageant are open for entry March 27th 2017 ....You may begin entering MARCH 27, 2017 for 2018 AT-LARGE STATE TITLES ... Again 2018 state crowns and sashes will not be sent out until August 14th 2017.  Title fee for 2018 At- Large State Titles $295.00 entire amount must be paid in full prior to ordering any crown and sash....  2018 On-Line Entry will be AVAILABLE MONDAY MARCH 27, 2017.
Please note if you see your State listed below YOU ARE eligible to enter AT-LARGE/AMBASSADOR for the 2018 World's Miss Tourism Pageant Year. If your State is not on the list then you will have a State Preliminary Pageant that you must compete in.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington State
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • All Other Countries

March 19th 2017 CHALLENGE 

Grab your crowns and sashes Tourism Family You are going on TOUR....National Certified Nurses Day is the 19th... So this challenge is to THANK a NURSE by doing something nice. a hospital Nurse, a nursing home Nurse, a VA Nurse, Home Care Nurse..Photos due Sunday Midnight....Show us what you did to thank a nurse for their service...Photos due Sunday 19th by Midnight...Use #Tourismpageantthanksnurses and #TourismPageantfornurses to post on social media

And....National Diabetes Awareness Day March 28,...Did you know two of our Tourism Girls suffer with this daily So in support of Mia and Biance Show your support on March 25 or 26th we will post them on March 28th wearing Blue, and let us know you are helping to spread the word You can make a sign saying "Sound The Alarm"  

'Diabetes Alert have you taken the TEST" ... Use #AmericanDiabetesAssociationAlertDay and #TourismPageantAlertforDiabetes to post on social media Diabetes Alert due March 26th by Midnight


Grab your crowns and sashes Tourism Family You are going on Tour....We want you to show us The oldest store, restaurant, feed store or building in your town and tell us about it....Due March 12, 5pm 2017 Please dress stylish and cute as possible....

Also find a modeling school, bridal/dress store, Cato, Fashion Bug, hair salon, and out of your comfort zone ask a manager if you can set up a table and maybe have your autograph photos and tell people who come in about Tourism and what you do with your title...Cocktail dresses Please look like a queen. Also due March 12, 2017 This second one is a great help to your speaking skills..I hope to see all of our queens in for both

#MissTourismhistoricbuildingchallenge, #TourismPageantsupportlocalbusiness #Tourismstrong

#MissTourismautographchallenge  #Misstourismlivemeet #MeetMissTourismfromyourstate

January 31, 2017

Grab your crowns and sashes Tourism Family you are going on Tour...Friday is National Go Red Day...Find a Go RED EVENT in your Area to help with..No EVent show us you in your red supporting GO RED DAY..So those who have their red Tourism T we want to see you going RED. Those who do not have the Tourism Red T wear something RED...Post your PICS to us by Sunday 3pm

#TourismGoesRED #TourismPageantSupportsGoRED #GoRedWithTheWorldsMissTourismPageant

Grab your Crowns and Sashes!
You are going on Tour!

January 23, 2017

Grab your Crowns and Sashes Tourism Family YOU are going on tour!!! January 31st is INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH ART DAY –
INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH ART Challenge So we want a Photo of you in Crown and sash (no need to tell us if you have not received yet we do know who is waiting) we want a Photo of you in Crown and sash Showing us what art Inspires your heart Photo's due Monday by 3pm Can't wait to see see what Arts Inspires you

Always observed on January 31st, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is a day to ponder how art affects your heart. Art is valued and appreciated for all sorts of reasons.

Of the broad spectrum of art created in the world, the pieces that move us to tears or cause us to burst out in joyous laughter remain with us for a lifetime. Whether we are touched through music or see into an artist soul through their work, art has the power to change us, to inspire our hearts.

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day encourages us to explore the many genres of art and let it inspire us.


Visit an art gallery.
Read a good book.
Listen to music.
Attend a ballet performance
Start your masterpiece.
Teach someone how to play an instrument.
Attend an art lecture.
Explore a new technique.
See an inspirational film.
Share your art with others.
Use #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay #TourismpageantInspiresArt#WorldsMissTourismArtDAY to post on social media.

January 15th, 2017

Grab your crowns and sashes Tourism Family, you are going on tour. 

Show us a unique or unusual monument in your city, state or town and tell us about it. The monument may be located inside or outside. Due January 23rd, 2017 those that didn't turn in her sign challenge may do that too on Jan 23rd. 2017....No need to tell us if you do not have your crown and sash yet we know who is waiting...

Amber Jayne Nobbe Little Miss Indiana Jocelyn is in

Amber Jackson Volner Preteen Miss Missouri Riley Volner is in!

Judi Cantley World's PreTeen Miss United States 2017 Alexis is in.