Christmas Angels Photo Pageant!

Christmas Cash Contest 

Miss Tourism Pageant Information:
Welcome you will find all information on this page for events for nationals, fees and age groups.

You will pay your title fee to receive your crown and sash as an at large contestant if there is no state qualifying pageant in your area. 
Title fee is $295.00 for the 2017 pageant to be held July 28-29-30th 2017 in Tennessee.

Registration for World Finals is an additional $145.00 and is due May 1st 2017  Money Order to be mailed and in hand May 1st. No Paypal Accepted. Late charge if in hand after May 1, 2017.

Age Groups: 
5-6 yrs Little Miss Tourism
t the costume.

Each contestant will get 1:30 seconds total stage time used h7-9 yrs  Jr. Miss Tourism

10-12yrs Pre-Teen Miss Tourism
13-15 yrs Jr. Teen Tourism
16-18 yrs Teen Miss Tourism
19-27 yrs Miss Tourism 
21 and up Mrs. Tourism ( must be married at time of event)( Must be 10 competing at nationals or will merge with Ms.)
21 and up Ms. Tourism not married but have children, divorced, widowed  or over 27 and not married but do not qualify for any other category. (Must be 10 competing at  nationals or will merge with Mrs.)
50yrs  and Up Classic Ms. Tourism 
21 and Up  Ms. Beauty Tourism  (Plus Size) (must be size 14 or higher) ( must be 10 competing at nationals or will merge with Ms.)

Age groups for Guys age based on your age as of August 1st, 2017:
Must be 7 in age group or will combine
5-10 Little Mr. Tourism
11-14 Jr. Teen Mr. Tourism
15-18 Teen Mr. Tourism
19-27 Mr. Tourism
28 and Up Classic Mr. Tourism

Mandatory Competition Events:

Female Contestants:  Evening Gown All ages will compete in a long gown, may be embellished with stones etc.
Male Contestants:  A Suit or Tux may be embellished

All will present themselves on stage in a a long gown or tux/suit of the contestants individual style and choosing.

Female Delegate will choose a long evening gown that best shows her personal style and personality. Each girl will enter the stage, she will have up to 1 minute on stage. There will be "X's" on the floor as a guide

Male Delegate will choose a Tux or Suit that best shows their individual personality or style

Music is provided by the pageant only.

The pageant staff will provide the evening gown / tux suit modeling music. The stage may be rectangular or T style be prepared for either. 5 points will be deducted for going over. 60 seconds on stage.

Private Interview: 25%

Delegates will go into a room and will be asked questions by each of the 3 judges

Delegates will answer those questions

When they hear the word TIME they are to immediately move to the next judge

The judges know points will be deducted if delegate does not move to next judge

1 minute per judge for ages 5-15 ...for Ms. Mrs. Classic and Beauties

2 minutes per judge for 16-27 Teen and Miss

You do not bring scrapbooks to interview

You cannot prepare, this is spontaneous and we are looking for your

conversational skills, poise, style and likability.

Costume Competition: 25%

This is an in it to win it event. And is the game changer when it comes to points...This one event has won many the World Title. Get in there and find that wow thing from your state that is unusual and unknown!

Delegates must design a costume that depicts an event, fact, object, invention, law, historical figure or event that is NOT well known about your Nation, state or community. Please note Indians are very well known.

The costume should WOW the audience, it should make people stop dead in their tracks.

Costumes may be blinged but, should not look like a craft project. But should be made and WOW US!!

Props may be used but, props must be able to be brought on stage by the contestant alone.

5 point deduction if the contestant needs assistant bringing up props.

Delegates should do a speech about their state costume to help the audience understand their costume. Delegates may use the whole 1:30 sec on speech or may use 45 sec on speech and then the rest of the time for walking the stage to show off the costume.

Delegate's will go to the microphone and tell us abouowever the contestant feels best shows their costume.

Photogenic Competition: 25%

8X10 Photo in your crown and sash

Photo should be no more than 8x10 

Full length or head and shoulders photo.

May be seated or standing..

No Re- Touch! Make-Up rules apply!!

Sash must be visible but wording does not have to be seen

Photo should be clear

Clearly make sure your name, title and age category is on the back of the photo in the photo protector.

Bring Photo with you to the pageant

Turn Photo in to the Photogenic Crown And Sash Bin at Orientation

On back of photo or photo protector must be your name, your age group, the words Photogenic Crown and sash.

All required info for your photo should be large and present

Any Photo missing any of the information will be excluded from the judging as incomplete submission

There is no charge this is part of your Main Event

One Miss Photogenic per age category

Photo's are judged by the World's Miss Tourism Panel of Judges during pageant weekend.

Title fee: 
This pays your state title, gorgeous star crown and custom made embroidered sash:
$295.00 State Title At Large Star Crown and Embroidered Sash Included in title fee
$395.00 International Titles, Miss Tourism USA, Miss Tourism United States, America's Miss Tourism, Miss Tourism North America
$425.00 National Title At Large for your country for shipping outside THE USA.

Competition Optionals for Grand Supreme: Means they are optional.

At World Finals we do not count optionals scores into the main event score for Over-all High Point. Over-All High Point score is for Competition Optionals only with us. Delegates must do a minimum number of optionals to qualify for high point winner at World Finals it is 5 (five). 


(competition optionals means you will compete for these at the World Finals Pageant in July) 

Below is a list you may choose from: $75.00 each or all for $275.00

Specialty Talent





Wow Model (Wow wear of delegate's choice OOC)

Sophisticate Model (tell us about your Tourism Year and what you loved about it)

Fashion Model (photo)

Creative Model (creative photo) 

Other Events: Non-Competition Events

Non-Competition events means you do not actually physically compete in these at final because, these are things you have worked all year towards.

If entering more than one event requiring a scrapbook you must either make a new scrapbook for each event or clearly mark in the first page what the scrapbook is for, then list each event it is to be judged for.OTHER EVENTS: 4 FOR $200.00 OR $75.00 EACH due by June 1, 2017

Humanitarian award Recipient (based on appearances helping others scrapbook needed)

Miss United Nations Tourism ( based on appearances, challenges, an over-all Tourism Role Model and the epitime of the Tourism Program, scrapbook needed)

Miss Global Tourism ( most media coverage scrapbook needed)

Ad Sales Cover-Girl/Cover-Guy Most ads sold in age group (no charge)

Miss Tourism Internet ( best social media page promoting the Tourism Pageant, values and referring others to enter).

Included in registration fee: everyone participates

• Miss Photogenic (included in registration fee)

• Miss Congeniality (voted by other contestants included in registration fee)

• Best Interview

• Best Costume

• Pink, black and white charity ball

• One World's T-shirt

• One World's Program Book (bound and colorful Covers)

Each contestant must do the equivilant of one full page ad 

Ad Space is as follows: ( must be sent camera ready, color WE CAN MAKE BLACK AND WHITE IF NEEDED)

Full Page $150.00

Half Page $100.00

1/4 Page $50.00

Business Card Size $25.00

Good Luck Wish winner receives Natl crown, sash and certificate or trophy

Good Luck Wishes  $2.00

There is an ad space winner of a natl crown, sash and Award. Minimum 3 full page ads

Sell Minimum of 5 full page Ads Natl Crown, sash, Award and 4 gifts

Sell Minimum of 10 full page ads win Natl Crown, sash, award 4 gifts and Faux fur Pageant cape

World Finals Registration fee and paperwork 

$145.00 Due May 1st. in hand ....Arrival in hand after May 1st, 2017  $195.00 Money orders only  

Pays for your main competition 

Miss Congeniality

Miss Photogenic

The "Ball" for contestant only

Your Pageant T-shirt one only

Pageant Certificate each delegate receives

One Program for contestant

Program Book Photo:  Photo due 6 weeks after receiving crown and sash...Head and shoulders photo in crown and sash.

Break Down:

Title fee Already Paid to get your qualifying title

Registration Fee $145.00 Due May First Money Order Mailed with your paperwork By May 1st

Competition Optionals for Grand Supreme $275.00 Money Order Mailed By June 1st

Ad Sales: All Ads and Money order mailed by June 1, 2017 

Additional World T-shirts $25.00 Payment Must Be Mailed By June 1st, 2017

Additional Program Books $15.00 Payment Must Be Mailed by June 1st 2017

Door Admission: All Weekend Pass  Wrist Band $75.00 add the ball $35.00 per guest other than contestant 

tasty treats and beverages  while dancing the night away