Christmas Angels Photo Pageant!

Christmas Cash Contest 

"Touring The World Never Looked So Beautiful"

Do you know what a Tourism Girl represents?

More than The World's Miss Tourism Pageant, more than our business, brand and name she represents character, kindness, integrity, graciousness and respect. This paragraph is a paraphrase from Michael Josephson a world leader in character building.  

To  A Tourism Girl what will matter is not what you bought, but, what you built, not what you got, but what you gave, what will matter is not your success but, your significance,   What will matter is not what you learned but, what you were taught, what will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage, or sacrifice that enriched empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.

This is a True Tourism Girl. If this describes you or who you would like to become, enter now. No previous experience required.  This is a pageant for all girls!! All Shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ethinticity. 

A change in your life could change a life. If the paragraph above is who you want to be then make a change today.  This pageant is for you!

This is a pageant event encouraging community involvement, friendship and respect of others. A Tourism delegate is an inspiration to others. A true "Role Model". Every person awarded entry into this event and is accepted, may receive the Tourism Star Crown, a title sash and the "Tourism Girls Handbook". 

You are now ready to make a difference in your community, state and maybe even the World. The Tourism title gives you a celebrity status, that you may use that voice to help others, inspire others and be a difference in the World.  

In business since 1998 as an online pageant, going LIVE in 2004 for our first Competitve Event you could attend in person. Stick with an original and a trusted name in Pageantry and get with the fastest growing event of it's kind in the whole WORLD.  START NOW APPLY HERE:

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