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Quotes As International Miss Garden State Tourism 2010, it was a fun and full-filling year working with organizations like the Special Olympics, The MS Foundation, Relay for Life, The March of Dimes, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. My crown and sash were my tickets into worlds I may have never experienced otherwise. The International Miss Tourism Pageant is a wonderful system of pageants promoting the notion that a title holder is more than just a pretty face by encouraging their girls and women to get out there and make a difference in their community. Even if you don't have your own platform, the International Miss Tourism pageant gets you started by helping to spread the word about it's own platform regarding the dangers of bullying in today's society. As this year's International Miss Tourism, I can not wait to see what this year brings! Remember, think globally, act locally. It's not the title itself, but what you do with it that makes all the difference! Quotes
International Miss Tourism 2011

Quotes Thank you so much to Miss Teri and Mr. Gary for making the months/weeks leading up to the pageant, the pageant itself, and the title such an amazing experience! It was a lot of fun and everyone was very nice. All of the contestants were extremely friendly! I can't wait for my year of community service and volunteering to start! My first event will be this Tuesday, the week after the pageant, and I'm already booked for 8 in the coming two months! Such an awesome title! Thanks again! International Mrs. Tourism 2011 Kaylin Bade Quotes
Great Experience

Quotes This is my first pageant in YEARS and on that note I've only competed in one other pageant and that was at the age of 16!!! 17 years later I couldn't be more proud to say that I have been a part of this pageant and family. Just preparing for this pageant and answering the questions has helped me grow so much. I originally wished that I had more time but it doesn't end here. Your possibilities are endless to continue to make an impact because win or lose we have all already won by being a part of this Tourism family. Hats off to your Terri!! I can't wait for nationals!! Whitney Barnes International Mrs. Kentucky Tourism 2010 Quotes

Quotes Watching Krystal Change and Evolve into the Confident Young Woman She is NOW, From the Mostrly SHY Teen that she was on the Day we got the package with her Crown & Sash in it, has been a Thrilling Sometimes Hectic, But Wonderful Experience! We have traveled all over Texas and into Louisiana to make apperances and Ride in Parades! WE made Lifelong friends with Miss Texas Tourism and her Mom as well, within a month after she got her Crown, and They burned up the Texas hwys. with us! We entered the Miss Tourism Pageant System, EXTREAMLY Hopeful and Caustiously Optamistic about the Pageant and What it would mean for Us, after a "Bad Pageant Experience" in the year leading upto Krystal entering AMT as Teen Miss Texas. Nationals were Priceless and her time as Teen United States & Teen Global Tourism was GREAT. Before we wree done with the Road Trip Home, she gained Priceless Memories from the Stops we made! Can't wait for 2011... Thanks Everybody at AMT! Quotes
Proud Mom

Quotes When I got my crown in sash in the mail I was super excited, I had alot of thing I wanted to do but kept getting I was to young to do this charity or appearance . It got frustrating at times and I almost gave up. After thinking for awhile I decided to start smaller and work my way into the bigger ones :) I have learned alot from this experience and to never give up!!! Thank you Miss Teri for giving girls this opportunity. I feel that I can now use my title as a microphone and speak to people about the importance of Stopping Bulling in my school district and help charities. Can't wait to meet everyone at Nationals!!! Ariel Owens Jr-Teen Miss Florida Tourism Queen Quotes

Quotes There is not much that can be said about the International Miss Tourism Pageant other than it simply is the best. We met the best girls and best parents we could have ever met back in 08 when Kaylee competed for the first time and won a National Title. Miss Teri is the best and most sweetest woman we have ever met. If you want a pageant that has no drama, then this is the pageant for you. Great Platform with the Stop Bullying Platform, beautiful crowns, trophies, sashes and very reasonable fees. Do not be a crown chaser and just sign up to get a crown and sash, sign up to experience and compete and meet some of the best young ladies from around the US and make friends and have lasting sister queen relations..... Tourism is the BEST...We Love it and will always be a part of it. Quotes
Kaylee Nicole Tuchmann and NaNa Jane
Current National Queen 2009-2010 Little Miss IL Tourism

Quotes We've been a part of this system since its inception in 2004. We have had a wonderful experience each and every year. We are so excited about the dance team, modeling classes, and acting classes! Miss Teri is amazing! I am looking so forward to this year and all of the new events! Quotes
Alison & Gracie
International Little Miss Universal Tourism
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