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Quotes Hi, I want to say thank you to Teri for the chance to compete at my first national pageant and for all the support you gave me during my year as World's Pre-teen Miss Nebraska 2011. I am excited to start making appearances and to continue promoting my Boxes of Love platform. I will also be starting my own pageant for low income girls. I will also spend time talking to kids about not being a bully. Sadly we had another teen from Lincoln Ne. commit suicide due to being bullied last month and it needs to stop, but can only be stopped thru educating people on the life changing damage it does to kids. I am proud to carry my title and I will make the Tourism family proud. Most importantly I will touch lives and make memories. All my love, your reigning 2012 World's Pre-teen Miss Tourism My'Kah Knowlin Quotes

Quotes WOW what a year. My'Kah had found this pageant on line and had begged for a year to be able to compete with it. My husband and I contacted Teri in late november 2010 and Thanks to her hard work she had a crown and sash delivered to our home at 4:30 Christmas Eve. My'Kah say's it was her favorite gift of all time. With her title she has started her own foundation and has made many friends that she would have never had the oppertunity to meet. We attended Nationals in Cincinnati and found that the Tourism family is amazing. This was not like any other pageant that we have ever been a part of. All the families were so friendly and very welcoming. I know that we walked away with new friends and a daughter that had grown leaps and bounds thru out her year as World's Pre-teen Miss Nebraska. Can't wait to see what her next year holds as she now will carry the title Worlds Pre-Teen Miss Tourism 2012. Thank you Teri for all you offer these young ladies. Quotes

Quotes We had an absolute amazing time at Nationals. My daughter Gabrielle is the new 2012 International Pre-teen! This system is one of the most rewarding systems out there. Gabbie told me she really wants to come back next year. We learned so much and met the most gracious people. Tourism Girls are the best!!! We know it doesn't take a crown to do community service or help others but wearing one, especially a Tourism Crown makes you feel worthwhile. Thank you Mrs. Terri for your all of your help. We will make the most of this title and will not let you down. See you next year!!!!! Quotes
Best Time Ever

Quotes I have been in pageantry all my life. My mother introduced me into the wonderful world of pageantry before I was born! I have gained many friends through pageantry and stay in contact with them constantly and was a bridesmaid in one of my great pageant friends wedding this past summer! Pageantry has given me the ability to be who I am, skills in job interview, public speaking, confidence, inner and outer beauty, compassion about my platform, and long lasting friendships. However, the Tourism family gave me everything in one weekend that I had received from other organizations in years! Tourism is not only about wearing a crown and getting a picture, it is about being who YOU ARE! By giving your time and heart into your community and promoting your platform and being the role model to our future leaders and peers. If you want an immediate family, memories and meeting the people who have helped you make a difference in others lives..... YOU need to be a Tourism Girl! Quotes
International Miss Tourism 2012- Caitlin Sharp

Quotes Raynah is a wonderful ambassador for Kentucky. In recent weeks we have had extreme temperatures in Kentucky and during the many festivals and events we host in Augusta, Ky, she still puts the crown and a smile on to promote the Commonwealth! Good Luck, Raynah in the Nationals in October, I can not think of anyone more deserving to hold the title of Miss Tourism than Raynah, she has great admiration for her state, heritage and family . Assistant District Governor of Kentucky Rotary Club, Jacqueline Hopkins Quotes
Re: Little Miss Kentucky Tourism 2011 Raynah Kelsch

Quotes I saw about this pageant on Facebook, and I thought that this would be a good system to be in. When I noticed that Ambassador titles were offered, I asked my mom to sign me up right away. I am glad that I am now officially a Tourism Girl. Mrs. Teri is a very kind director, and she will answer any questions that you may have. The other queens are so nice and eager to meet you in their home state our yours if they can. This title has given me an opportunity to stand up for something that I am against, bullying. This occurred with me in middle school. Because I have ADHD and may possibly have Asperger syndrome, I am just a little different from other kids. Even though it has gotten to where I am not bullied anymore, I still want to help those that are in the position I was in. I also have been able to make appearances in my hometown, and I may get a great opportunity that I never would have dreamed of, that being having my definition of success published in Tiara Magazine. Quotes

Quotes Doing appearances is so rewarding like today, I attended Bark in the park pet walk. I raised $250 for the humane society. That money will help feed 5 dogs and give them beds to sleep on. My sisters queens and I were given bunches of dog treats and food for our dogs, silly bands, dog bowls and we got panera bread for breakfast ☺ We met all kinds of dogs, I especially loved the husky named Calvin. The best part of my day was when this little girl ran up to me and asked if I was a real queen and being filmed by a news crew playing with some dogs. Tourism has taught me to be a role model not just a pageant queen :) Ariel International Jr-Teen Tourism Quotes

Quotes I can't be more proud of Ariel, she truly amazes me everyday. When she was in 2nd grade she was diagnosed with ADHD(we chose the no medication treatment), dyslexia, and some other learning disabilities,she was having a very hard time in school and she barley past 5th grade last year. This year she is like a whole different person. Her last report card were all A's and her guidance counselor just but her in some advanced honor classes. I truly owe a lot to tourism, it has taught her values, setting goals, and overcoming any obstacle that gets in the's like her crown is an extension of her brain or something LOL. She puts it on and she just gets it :) Quotes
Mom to Ariel, 2011 International Jr-Teen Tourism

Quotes Last year i recieved a beautiful crown and sash in the mail. I was overwelmed by its beauty. I looked forward to wearing it and learning more about the organization that i was to represent. I want to thank you Mrs Terri for blessing me with the opportunity to represent Tourism and share with my community and others what tourism is about. I really enjoyed the National Pageant and meeting you and the other contestants. This was the first international pageant that i entered and i was delighted /excited to have won. I owe my mom so much for all that she did to get me prepared for tourism. I look forward to a year full of community events to share with others the platform of Stop the Bullying and Kids Can Help Too. I have learned a lot about myself and this Title will allow me to do so much in my community to help other girls achieve their goals. Thank you again Mrs. Terri, I am looking forward to 2011, it shall be greater than before. Your American Teen Miss Queen Quotes
American Teen Miss Tourism & Jr. Teen Miss Supermodel 2011

Quotes This was my first pageant and it was a great experience ! I loved meeting all the new people and making new friends from all over!! Over the past year i have made many appearences such as , the MDA poker run , bark for life, strollathon for rett syndrome , I have recently spoken with youth at my church about being against bullying and what bullying may cause in some peoples lives and many more.. I look forward to using my title in this up coming year to be a positive voice for many charities and organizations. Its such an honnor to have and wear this title as Americas jr teen miss tourism! Thank you Mrs. Teri and Mr. Gary for this great opportunity Quotes