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Quotes Thanks and I have to tell you, because of your pageant system and title, so very many of my dreams have come true. I had fun with the two other state titles I held, but the positive energy and attitude surrounding this one is absolutely top of the line. So many times I've already said that this title has blessed me to fulfill a lot of my personal bucket list items; it's not even funny, and some things are phenomenal that I hadn't realized to put on my list. LOL When I am doing an appearance, people see the World's Tourism sash and immediately are open and receptive far more than is expected. One reason I have a gadzillion pictures of people in my photos with me. For me the title is about the people, and what I am able to do with this, but when it is turned around and I feel that love and respect, it is life changing and humbling. I know I'm preaching to the pastor, but I just had to share this with you. Again...thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Quotes
World's Classic Miss West Virginia 2014 Glenna Rollins

Quotes I have been a part of pageants now for almost 16 years both myself and with my daughter, but never have I been a part of a pageant that has been quite so amazing! Nearly five years ago at the age of 8 my daughter entered the Tourism Pageant. We had done other pageants but never did she grow as a person until she became a part of Tourism. The encouragement to be a leader came upon her entry and the confidence did as well. My daughter began to grow and make a difference in the lives of others as well as be the difference. She began to make a difference through volunteering and letting her voice be heard against bullying, she grew into a role model for her peers and began to set out to accomplish anything she put her mind to. This was because of the amazing director whose encouragement and love shined through the moment she placed placed her crown on top of her head. She knew only she could make the crown sparkle and did just that. I can't thank you enough for the Leader you created! Quotes
Words Could Never Begin To Express The Amazing Pageant This Is!

Quotes After 10 years of pageantry in Canada, and nothing but disappointment and heartbreak, I grew tired of competing in pageant systems that focused on physical beauty. I was ready for a change: a pageant that accepted me as who I am and challenged me to do more with my title to make a difference in the world. I had a wonderful year as World's Miss Canada Tourism 2011 and volunteered in my community whenever I could. Fast forward a year later to the Tourism finals in November 2011, and I was crowned the new World's Miss Tourism 2012. The Tourism Pageant looked past my exterior and saw my inner-beauty. If you are ready for a pageant made for REAL girls, Tourism is for you. Everyone is accepted, everyone is acknowledged and everyone is treated equally! winner. The titles don't make the difference- YOU do. Become a Tourism Girl today- it changed my life forever. Are you ready for it to change yours? Quotes
World's Miss Tourism 2012

Quotes we were involved in a pageant without a purpose over the weekend. We walked in only to see what was alot of fake hair, teeth, make up, glitz dresses etc. My daughter rocked the stage in a natural purple dress with simple curls in her hair, and light lipgloss. As crowing was over, the queen who had won walked up to my daughter and said"look what i won because i did better". With tears in my childs eyes she said "mom lets go home." With TOURISM we know that it is a pageant with a purpose. The crown isnt just a crown, its a crown filled with integrity, good sportmanship,honesty, to be there for others no matter what there race, size or how much money they have.TOURISM teaches us we are all equal at the end of the day. I must also add that Chiara Jr. teen miss missouri world toursim encouraged my daughter to be apart of it and to help her make a difference in the lives of others. I feel that the platform of NO-BULLYING is one that needs to be brought to everyone's attention to help prevent Quotes
little miss missouri's momma

Quotes WOW! That one word covers everything about this pageant. We have done other pageant systems, and by far this was the most organized and most smoothly ran pageant. We stepped outside of our state, and took a chance on the Tourism Pageant, and am exstatic we did. We had an excellent time. My daughter who before Nationals wanted to still do some of the local ones completely was blown away, and only wants to do the Tourism pageant now!. We enjoyed watching the other girls compete in Optionals (the best part of this pageant mind you!), State Costume, & Beauty. The atmosphere was fun and relaxing, and the contestants were VERY kind to one another. The Tourism pageant isn't a typical beauty pageant, its NOT about how beautiful you are, or how much money you have, or what you can offer the pageant. Its about YOU and your community/state. It's about making promises and keeping them, and not letting others down. To say the least... WE LOVE TOURISM! See you at the 2012 Pageant! Quotes
Mom of 2011 Pre-teen Miss United States Tourism

Quotes If you ever wanted to do a pageant were you actually represented your title then this pageant is it!!! Tourism you don't just win a crown, you are crowned to represent like a true queen. It truly is an unbelievable,exciting experience. Nationals was an AMAZING experience. I have made lots of lifelong friends. Mrs.Teri, the director is super sweet. She made sure that everything was running smoothly and it sure did :) The state costumes had to be my favorite part, learning about each state was way cool. The judges were easy to talk to in interview which made the nerves go away. Thank you Mrs Teri and Mr Gary for having this pageant, it was an experience of a lifetime. I am so looking forward in representing my title, your 2011 International Jr-Teen Miss Tourism!!!! Quotes
Ariel, 2011 International Jr-Teen Miss Tourism

Quotes I have done a few pageants, and most of them mostly focus on 'winning', but how is winning any fun if you dont make friends and become part of a family? Miss Teri made this pageant the best time ever. All the girls were so nice and I loved each and every one of them. We had fun and backstage was pretty much stress free. I would recommend this pageant to anyone and everyone. The staff is amazing and I cant wait for next year! Quotes

Quotes Hi! My name is Tiana and I am your new International Pre-Teen Miss Tourism for 2011! Nationals was sooo much fun! My favorite part of the competition was State Costume! This was my first National Pageant and it was an awesome experience for me. I am so excited to represent International Tourism for the next year. I hope to do lots of volunteering with my title and promote this pageant. Tomorrow I will be making my first official appearance serving Thanksgiving Dinner at an event in my town. Can not wait! Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Quotes
International Pre-Teen Miss Tourism 2011

Quotes I had been contacted by Mrs. Teri a few yrs ago but was involved with another system at the time. In September I contacted Mrs. Teri about World Tourism and seeing about doing the system. We chatted and I was excited to do the system!! I chose the title of Classic Miss Louisiana!! I was welcomed by Mrs. Teri and by everyone else! That felt good!! When ever a new delegate comes on board we always welcome her too!! It's like a big huge family!!! I love the system's platform and they want you to have a platform also!! This system is all about doing Community Service and that's what I'm about!! I have been so excited about Nationals and meeting my sister queens!! This IS one big happy family!!! I couldn't have found a better system!! If you are ever wondering about a system to do, World's Miss Tourism IS the system to do!!! You will be so happy you did!!! Hugs!!! Quotes
Classic Miss Louisiana 2013/2014

Quotes I read about this pageant on Facebook and it really interested me. After my mom signed me up, I really amped up my community service. I've always been very involved in volunteer service and I loved that Tourism not only encourages it, it also expects it!! Being at the World Finals and getting to meet everyone was amazing. I felt truly inspired by all of the other girls who are making a difference in the lives of others. I felt empowered to do more and be more. Tourism is helping to motivate girls like me and you to stand up for what's right, take action and change the world around us. We are the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow. We are TOURISM!! <3 you all and Happy Holidays! Quotes
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