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  1. What are the deadlines to enter?

    See "Where's My Pageant" for LIVE State Pageant Preliminaries


    APPOINTED TITLES: Because appointed titles do not have a pageant to compete in  this is not a day of pageantry, you apply on-line, after you enter on-line our World's Miss Tourism Team determines your application and if awarded a Title with the  World's Miss Tourism Pageant you will have 15 days in which to reply or the title you want could be awarded to the next eligible candidate.

    LIVE STATE/NATIONAL PAGEANTS: See your State/Nation under "Where's My Pageant?" for your deadline to enter your state or national pageant.

  2. Is World's Miss Tourism Pageant Glitz or Natural?

    We are Semi Glitz we allow jewelled gowns and wardrobe. We ask all under age 13 NO MAKE-UP. NO hair falls, PIECES or wigs, flippers and excessive fake tans will put us in a position for our  judges to mark off points, should this cost you the title there will be no refund. We are clear on this come age appropriate.  

  3. I have never competed in a pageant before. Does that matter?

    Absolutely not. Anyone is quite capable of doing well and even winning in our system regardless of prior pageant experience. We will provide you with all the information and help you need. We are looking for a confident young lady who can proudly represent her state. First time contestants make terrific contestants and can make wonderful winners! World's Miss Tourism Pageant helps you along the way so all girls can succeed.

  4. Coaching from the audience?

    Parents and coaches there is no coaching from the audience for any age category. If your child does not know what do by the time we get to World finals then they are not ready for a world event. Do not embarass yourself by playing charades in the audience. 

  5. What do I get if I win my City, State or National title?

    All City, State and National delegates whether they are appointed or win their preliminary qualifying pageant receive our Star crown (3" crown for State/Natl titles 2.5" for city stars a little smaller on city crown), embroidered sash, certificate for framing (given at finals) Tourism Girls handbook to help you make appearances like a pro.

  6. If I am a title holder do I have to attend World Finals?

    Part of the experience is to attend Finals. We have a great weekend planned for you with special awards. Not attending World Finals makes you ineligible for any further prizes. You won't want to miss the fun surrounding this World Class Finale'!!

  7. How can I represent my City?

    You will need to fill out an application online. Once received, our team will review all candidates and appoint a title accordingly. You will have fifteen (15) days to accept this title submit a head and shoulders photo and turn in a payment or it could be assigned to the next qualified delegate.

  8. How can I represent my State?

    You will need to fill out an application online. Once received, our team will review all candidates and appoint a title accordingly. You will have fifteen (15) days to accept this title submit a head and shoulders photo and turn in a payment or it could be assigned to the next qualified delegate.

  9. How can I represent the Country or Nationality I am from?

    You will need to fill out an application online. Once received, our team will review all candidates and appoint a title accordingly. You will have fifteen (15) days to accept this title submit a head and shoulders photo and turn in a payment or it could be assigned to the next qualified delegate.

  10. Receiving Crown and Sash in the mail...Broken or damaged?

    It is the  responsibilty of the recipient to open the package with the postal employee present. We purchase insurance to cover damages that may occur from time to time. If you do not open the package in front of the postal employee and your crown or sash is damaged it will be the responsibility of the recipient to pay the replacement costs to replace her crown and/or  sash, as the postal department will not cover damages on our insurance if they are not present. 

  11. I have a child but, I don't qualify for Mrs how can I enter?

    Girls ages 21 and older  who have a child but, do not qualify for the Mrs age group may apply for Ms. 

  12. Can I participate if I am married, divorced, widowed over 50 or have children?

    Yes, we do have a Mrs.,Ms. and Classic Ms. category for you.

  13. What is the entry fee for an Appointed City Title, State Title or National Title?

    The entry fee is the amount each contestant will pay to receive her City, State or National title crown and sash Or her Title Fee. 

    Then each and every deleagte who will be attending The National Pageant in July 2015 will be required to pay a National Registration fee of $99.00 and a $60.00 fun pass fee that fee is not due until April 1, 2015.

    It is very important each contestant read her All About Nationals handbook for Optional events they can do at the National pageant. 

    These entry fees are the same amount for Ambassador titles. An Ambassador is a girl who wants to particiapte but knows she cannot attend our World Finals in July 2015 in Tennessee....

  14. How much more do I have to pay to attend World Finals?

    World Finals Registration fee  $150.00

    Tickets to include door admission, The Ball, any meals and any fun events prior to the pageant $100.00 in advance or at the door it will be $125.00 and cash only no exceptions!!

  15. Discounts, never include National Entry fees...

    Please no matter what if any discount you received, all delegates must pay their National fees. The only thing ever discounted is your state appointed title...

  16. Do I pay for my entry fee or do I need a sponsor?

    Any of the above you can pay the entry fee yourself or you can seek a sponsor in family, friends or local businesses.  

  17. What is the deadline to have my World Finals Fee in?

    April 1, 2015 first deadline if entered after April 1st but, before June 14, 2015 your fees are due ....June 14, 2015

  18. Do I have to make appearances during my year, if so how many are required?

    Yes, you need to make a minimum of 10 appearances during your year to receive 10 additional points. 

  19. Photo's sent, tagged or otherwise submitted to us...

    Photo's submitted to us electronically if using Facebook should be put in that days appearance album by themselves and tag the album. Please do not tag each individual photo but, tag the whole album to us!!

    If sending through email please rotate right side up. 

  20. Can you tell me my scores so I can prepare for next year?

    No. Scores or critiques are NOT available after the pageant. Watch the pageant video and critique your on-stage performance, watch pageants on TV and attend as many local pageants as you can.

  21. What is your refund policy?

    This pageant does not,  under any circumstance,  refund or transfer your  paid fees to any other delegate or pageant year.  Make sure you want to do this pageant and can attend World Finals. Winning a title with any other pageant that restricts you from competing in the World Pageant will result in loss of your paid monies no refund and no transfer of fees.  You will always be welcome but, will have to start over upon your return. 

  22. Discounted entry fees...

    This pageant reserves the right to offer discounts and specials periodically, not every entrant is eligible for a discounted entry. 

  23. Will there be someone at the pageant to do Hair and Make-up?

    No. We love hair and make-up artists but, we do not allow hair and make-up artists to advertise to do hair and make-up at our events for many reasons. The number one reason it makes those who cannot afford to pay for that service feel less than and makes them feel as if they cannot win if they do not use H/M artists. We do not allow any service vendors to take money for services at our events,  any of them, to include preliminary state or national pageants!!  

  24. Can I put my name on the back of my sash?

    Yes... NO LAST NAMES!!!

  25. Can I have a personal hair stylist or make-up artist backstage?

    Contestants are NOT permitted to provide hair stylists or make-up artists backstage. Contestants must style their own hair and apply their own make-up.

  26. What is the "Introduction or Opening Number Outfit" for?

    At the beginning of the show for the pageant, each contestant will be introduced to the audience during an upbeat, choreographed introduction musical number (contestant will not sing, and the choreographed moves are very easy - you do not need to be a dancer).

  27. Use of your likeness, liability and eligibility...

    Must be willing to release, unconditionally and forever, any claim against The World's Miss Tourism Pageants, Its parent and affiliated or related companies and their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents and assigns, which they may have by virtue of their participation in their state pageant, or by any use of their name, likeness, voice, and/or biography in connection with their state pageant, including use in promotional and advertising material.

    Must understand and agree that all issues as to eligibility shall be determined by World's Miss Tourism Pageants, and they must agree to abide by that determination both as to themselves and other applicants.

  28. More to Come...


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