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Posted by Miss Tourism on April 5, 2017 at 9:40 AM

Grab your Tourism Crowns and Sashes or just sashes YOU are going on Tour. Talk to people about The Tourism Pageant and what it does. Tell them how they can enter this is what International Pageant Day is about celebrate your pageant....

"Saturday, April 8, is International Pageant Day. Pageant Planet wants all titleholders, young and old, to wear their sash in support of the the day. When someone asks you why you are wearing your sash, tell them it is in honor of the holiday. Then, if they qualify, encourage them to compete in The World's Miss Tourism Pageant system or if they don't meet our requirements, then tell them to go to Pageant Planet's Directory to find a pageant they qualify for.

Also, on Saturday, upload a photo of yourself in your sash to social media using #InternationalPageantDay! #TourismPageant"

Tourism Family Should be stylish, hair and make-up done (make-up rules apply) Please dress like a Queen/Princess it is International Pageant Day for goodness sake...

Together let's use #InternationalPageantDay to share photos and celebrate pageantry!


Steven Roddy

Founder of Pageant Planet

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