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Posted by Miss Tourism on February 28, 2017 at 9:05 AM

Grab your crowns and sashes Tourism Family You are going on Tour....We want you to show us The oldest store, restaurant, feed store or building in your town and tell us about it....Due March 12, 5pm 2017 Please dress stylish and cute as possible....


Also find a modeling school, bridal/dress store, Cato, Fashion Bug, hair salon, and out of your comfort zone ask a manager if you can set up a table and maybe have your autograph photos and tell people who come in about Tourism and what you do with your title...Cocktail dresses Please look like a queen. Also due March 12, 2017 This second one is a great help to your speaking skills..I hope to see all of our queens in for both

#MissTourismhistoricbuildingchallenge, #TourismPageantsupportlocalbusiness #Tourismstrong


#MissTourismautographchallenge #Misstourismlivemeet #MeetMissTourismfromyourstate

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