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Challenge due January 23rd 2017...

Posted by Miss Tourism on January 16, 2017 at 12:45 AM




GRAB your CROWNS AND SASHES....YOU ARE GOING ON A NEW TOUR....Show us a unique or unusual monument in your city, state or town and tell us about it. The monument may be located inside or outside. Due January 23rd, 2017 those that didn't turn in her sign challenge may do that too on Jan 23rd. 2017....No need to tell us if you do not have your crown and sash yet we know who is waiting...

Amber Jayne Nobbe Little Miss Indiana Jocelyn is in

Amber Jackson Volner Preteen Miss Missouri Riley Volner is in!

Judi Cantley World's PreTeen Miss United States 2017 Alexis is in.

Tammy Madden In!!

Katie White I'm in!!

Temitope NaijaVixen II I'm in!

Kari Yipe O'Gorman I'm in

Nancy Sevier I love doing the challenges!! Especially when and if I am able to do them which is most of them! I think it is a fantastic way for all of use to learn about each other's areas! I would be sad if we stopped doing these!

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Sean April Williams

Sean April Williams Mia loves doing challenges just on crutches till January 27th and no weight baring on her foot. She was in a bootwalker before crutches but it wasn't healing so doctor put her on crutches at her last appt. Mia has been on restrictions since the week after thanksgiving


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Traci Wagoner

Traci Wagoner I love the challenges...I think they're problem is I don't always see them till later. And then trying to find time to actually go somewhere is difficult with work all week. Since they're posted on a public profile it just ends up mixed int...See More

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Nancy Sevier


Nancy Sevier Go to Mrs. Teri's page and you will find the challenges there! She posts them weekly and several times, that way you don't have to search your news feed... just a suggestion sweetie! Hugs!!

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Kari Yipe O'Gorman

Kari Yipe O'Gorman Or you can click on the following button and see her posts first...

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Teri Moore-Alexander


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Traci Wagoner

Traci Wagoner Were in the midst of a major ice storm in st louis this weekend so definitely not going anywhere for a few days. But hoping to get in this next one by 23rd :)

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Linda Heinold White

Linda Heinold White The welcome to Missouri signs in the St. Louis signs are located near major highways where it is too dangerous. Every entrance into the state on the east side of the state crosses the Mississippi River and is a highway. I know Katie was working daily through the Christmas season but plans to get back into the challenges now that work is slowing down.

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Traci Wagoner

Traci Wagoner You're right! I never even thought of that. Every single sign is literally in the middle of highway!

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Teri Moore-Alexander

Teri Moore-Alexander Your welcome center should have a welcome sign off the road...Check that out

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Teri Moore-Alexander

Teri Moore-Alexander But I know you guys are having horibble weather like Michigan so Michigan made one herself and posted it.

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Traci Wagoner

Traci Wagoner Our welcome center is in a really sketchy neighborhood. We'll come up with something creative. ;)

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Teri Moore-Alexander


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Jody Townsend

Jody Townsend Lydia Townsend loves challenges. She had been busy with mid year finals studying. Happy to report she received all A's. She is in on the next challenge. ��❤

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Judi Cantley

Judi Cantley Sorry, I meant to comment that World's PreTeen Miss United States 2017 Alexis was in. I may have just failed to hit the Enter button.

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Michele Johnson Brosig

Michele Johnson Brosig I love doing them Ragan like it and we will continue as we can to participate

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Tiffany Curry

Tiffany Curry Casey Curry will participate

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Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson We love doing them but with work and school and after school activities its hard to get them in in the time frame so we normally have to skip.

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Stephanie Goodrich

Stephanie Goodrich Abs loves doing the challenges (and meeting new people).

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